Good Burger 1997

The 1997 movie Good Burger directed by Brian Robbins is one of those movies you watch when you are have a bad day or just feeling down. It follows Dexter Reed, played by Kenan Thompson, as he has to raise money over the summer to pay for the damages to his teachers car that he totaled. He tries to get a job at the opening burger joint Mondo Burger but he just cant get the rhythm down of how they make their burgers. So he goes across the street to good burger where he is hired right off the bat and starts working alongside Ed, played by Kel Mitchell.

Unknown to Dexter Ed is one of the reasons why he hit his teachers car. Well that and the fact that Dexter doesn’t have his drivers license so he’s not the best at driving. When bonding with Ed Dexter finds out that Ed has created his own special sauce to put on his burgers and not tastes amazing. Naturally Dexter gets ed to agree to serve his cause and that he get more of a cut then Ed does because it was his idea to serve the sauce. With the addition of the sauce to the burgers business at Good Burger starts to boom. This causes Mondo Burger to try to sabotage Good Burgers sauce with poison. As Mondo Burger Poisons the sauce Dexter and Ed are escaping from a mental hospital and start to work towards exposing Mondo Burger for using chemicals to enhance the size of their burgers.

The use of over acting in this film really helps tie in the comedy. It has its serious moments but it always goes back to Eds happy go lucky personality. This helps balance everything out. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. I would have liked it to more in depth about Ed and how he ended up working for Good Burger, but I understand that would have been to much and a little out of place in this film.


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